Doing Something Worthwhile

LBLBlogHeadAfter reading a Perez Hilton report that Ben Affleck (yum) would be joining the cause for Live Below the Line, my fears of “how can I possibly manage living on $1.50 of food per day” were assuaged. I guess he really is a superhero. So I’ve decided to take the Live Below the Line challenge from April 29 – May 3 wherein I will only be able to eat $1.50 worth of food per day for a total of $7.50 for the week.

Already I have taken to scouring the faithful internet for recipes and cost calculators, but I also thought I should chronicle my experience. Not to mention, create an entertaining blog for the period complete with pictures and videos (if I can muster the courage to videotape myself bemoaning the lack of cheese a la Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame).

It’s also likely that, as I use my powers of impossible meticulousness, I will post my recipes for each day.

Stay tuned friends who love to watch episodes of HANGER (hungry +angry) as I attempt what nearly 1.4 billion people are forced to do daily.

If you feel so inclined, please donate to the cause via my LBL page here. All donations will go to support CARE in its efforts to affirm dignity, fight poverty and empower women every day.


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